Cinnamonitrile Cinnamonitrile

Cinnamonitrile Cinnamonitrile

Cinnamonitrile Cinnamonitrile
CAS No. :1885 -38-7
Packing: 25kg
Specification: 98% GB
Chemical Name: β-phenyl-acrylonitrile
Properties: colorless to pale yellow liquid.
Much like the natural aroma of cinnamon,
with a strong spicy fragrance.
Cinnamonitrile is a good synthetic spices, much
like the natural aroma of cinnamon,
with a very strong aroma. Performance in a more
stable under alkaline conditions. Toxic
side effects on the human body contact with the
skin no stimulation, no allergic reactions.
Cinnamonitrile cinnamon oil and cinnamaldehyde
is an ideal substitute. And spices widely
used in cosmetics, soap, washing powder and other
spices in the commodities and soap.
Inhibitory effect on fungal, antibacterial
broad spectrum, and the role of a de-worming.
It also used in pharmaceutical, fine chemical
products. Is a good synthetic products.


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