Cinnamyl alcohol

Cinnamyl alcohol

Cinnamyl alcohol
CAS Number: 104-54-1
Packing: 200KG / plastic drum Size: 580mm * 580mm * 900mm
Specification: 98%, industrial grade
Category: Organic Chemicals
Product content: 98%
Quality Standard: GB
Packing: 25kg
Molecular formula: C9H10O
MW: 134.18
Chemical Name: β-phenyl allyl alcohol
Alias: cinnamon alcohol, alcohol Gui
Quality Standard: FCC IV
Medicine: an important pharmaceutical raw materials.
Commonly usedin the synthesis of cardiovascular drugs,
such as the brain and otherbenefits hydrochlorothiazide.
The lung caused by the virus can effectively
inhibit tumor; clinical for leukemia, uterine cancer,
ovarian cancer, esophageal cancer and other tumors.
Spice: the often shared with phenylacetaldehyde, the modulation Yangshui
narcissus fragrance, roses and other floral fragrance perfume perfume essential,
also be used as fixative agent, modifier.
Added to the soap, perfume and chemicals.

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